Do any of these describe you right now?

Relaxed Ladypreneurs

  1. Currently trying to build and grow a business?
  2. Feeling overwhelmed, self-doubt, stuck, stressed or exhausted trying to get it right, perfect and thriving easily?
  3. Frustrated at it never working out as easy as they say?

All of this yet you still have that internal voice and passion to build a business that makes a difference, is something you want to love doing, and there is something in you that knows that there has to be an easier and faster way to do this?

There is and it's time to find a new tribe and way to "get there" with EPIC ease and grace!

When you are supported and reminded to listen to YOUR intuition and build TRUST in YOURSELF... This is true "empowerment"!

When you have that and a strong relationship/connection with your Team in Spirit, whoever that happens to be for you, and the rest happens like magic, or at least it seems like it 😉

So stop wasting time and emotional energy on experts, teachers and guru's that continue to tell you that their way is the "best and only way to succeed/market/do sales/grow a business etc..." Stop trying to take "massive action" and burning yourself out and investing thousands to be locked into year long programs, or longer *ugh*

Find out how to cut through the crap quicker and only take on the gold when you need it!

Get a new kind of support that ACTUALLY empowers you, to help you build your kickass business using your intuition to guide you, and engaging with the Universe (or your Team in Spirit, Source, Spirit, God, pick your name) to make it as easy and as fast as possible, without being locked in for 12 months or more, and paying hundreds or thousands of dollars!

It's just not our style and honestly, we don't want to be working with you for years or have you be dependent on us for your success, you actually have everything you need! Did you know that?

The Success Circle has been made SUPER affordable so you can invest the bulk of your hard earned income on marketing and actually, you know, growing your business!





















Therese Tucker

Hi, my name is Therese!

I'm your resident woo-woo specialist, in fact, my title is "Spirit Alchemist." I'm a psychic channel, medium, empathic intuitive, as well as an energetic healer and I use these skills to help our clients get clarity, pinpoint whats REALLY going on that's keeping them stuck, and am the main teacher of intuition, I especially love helping our clients build kickass self-trust!

I have been a psychic with well developed gifts for most of my life, but I struggled with self-trust and self-worth so I kept doing other "acceptable jobs" instead of my real passion and what I was truly good at, and I wasn't charging what I was worth so I was the "starving artist" for a long time (I am actually an artist too so I truly know what that means!)  But not anymore 🙂

I realized that it wasn't that the outside world that didn't place value on my skills - it was me undervaluing and not trusting myself and the world was just reflecting that lack of value back to me. 

When I finally gave myself permission to do what I loved AND get paid handsomely for it, my world changed!

My paintings started being sold for higher and higher amounts AND more frequently, my intuitive readings being booked more often, people paying my higher rates without hesitation!

This journey of self-trust has taken me places I didn't expect to go, including into this business you're reading about right now.  Because I choose to trust myself and value who I am and what I offer, the Universe has been able to freely work behind the scenes to deliver all those things I used to wish I could have or experience and with a whole lot less "effort" to make it happen.

Today Rach and I have a thriving community we work with who are building fulfilling and prosperous businesses, and developing their intuition and self-trust to grow their businesses around their ideal lifestyles with EPIC ease and grace. 

Today life feels easier.  I get to use my very unique skills to create a better life for myself, my family, and the people I work with everyday.  My world is filled with more joy, more fulfilment, and most importantly - more love and abundance!

Rach Wilson

Hi, I'm Rach!

I'm your resident Intuitive Master Coach (aka "Success Alchemist") with 13+ years experience in results coaching, emotional healing, subconscious reprogramming (NLP + Source4Shift), teaching emotion mastery, entrepreneurial business strategy, with years of experience working with people on their relationships, emotional healing, business strategy and spiritual development.  What a combination huh?

I took the long and hard road to get here though...

I've been nearly bankrupt twice, stuck in overwhelm, played small and burnt out more times than I can count... I spent years struggling to "make it happen" and was frustrated when what I "took massive action" or followed other people's systems and found they didn't work for me or they were never as easy as they said it would be!  Argghhh!

I have spent over $100k on trainings, coaching, programs and personal development only to get mediocre success until...

I finally found the missing pieces and put it all together to find the most powerful combination that we now teach so you don't waste YEARS!

My life purpose right now is to help as many people as possible avoid getting stuck in their business, spending loads of wasted time in overwhelm, self-doubt and fears, struggling to "make it happen", burn out, losing time with their loved ones and sacrificing their health to succeed!  It's not necessary!

Our business feels like it's building almost on it's own, what we need to be doing just comes to us, opportunities are showing up and we've had more success in this business than in any other business I tried to grow before this, all while being limited to 25 - 50% capacity!  (Being pregnant and a Mum/Mom will do that to you)

No longer do I lose time with my family, my health is on the rise finally after years of the old burn out pattern, I haven't needed to take a crappy job to supplement our income for years now and we're not far off having hubby home as a stay-at-home Dad!  What do you want for you?  It's all possible!

Here's what's included each month:

Women supporting each other :D

Apart from getting to work directly with not ONE but TWO powerhouse professionals!

1.  Secret Facebook group

You get access to connect with your Success Circle Tribe, ongoing for as long as you remain a member with opportunities to collaborate with others and impromptu videos teaching relevant to what's happening right now (not sure how to value this one but it's priceless if you use it)

2.  Live Mastermind Sessions with Rach and Therese

1 x 90 minute session per month, this is where you can bring your latest challenge or block and get psychic insights, coaching and strategies to get you moving forward quickly (value $200 - based on 15 minutes of our time each)

3.  A Masterclass with Therese & Rach on a new topic each month

These are 30 - 45 minutes to make it really easy to fit in, focused on various topics related to elements you need to master in creating that ultimate lifestyle and business with ease and grace (fun, adventure and increasing abundance) (value $77 and available in our store)

4.  Implementation and Integration Exercises

Because as we know, learning and knowing something is one thing, the true transformation comes when you actually implement and integrate it! So we've made it really easy... These are also included in the Masterclasses when you purchase them in the store.

5.  A Guest Masterclass taught by one of our trusted experts!

These experts are included to help with your business success through their marketing, branding, sales or business building expertise (value $47 and will be available in our store)

6.  Spirit Circles

Both the new moon and full moon events have their own powerful energy influences on manifesting. This is where we connect with the moon energy to release what's not serving us anymore or boost our manifesting efforts (value $54 and available as individual events to purchase @$27 each)

7.  Spark Session MP3

Our 3.5 - 5 minute movement meditations that activate positive change and/or release the low vibe crap keeping you stuck.  They are quick, easy, powerful and work with you on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level all at once for a rapid shift!  (Value $9.95)

8.  Regular Surprise Bonuses

MP3's and/or PDF's to stimulate more creativity and connection, they are the perfect additions to get you more balanced and in the super efficient productivity zone! (value... Well, somewhere between $9 and $50 ish, mostly available in our store but sometimes it's just for you)

9.  10% off all products and online trainings

With the exception of the Source4Shift™ Technique Training and of course, it doesn't include offline workshops/retreats, but you are our VIP's after all so we want to reward you 😉 (Note: Not available for all membership levels, see the below table for what each membership includes)

TOTAL VALUE (approximately of course and not including the priceless value of the community Facebook group or the cumulative savings using your discount code soooooo, it's more than this number):

VALUE = $400 + per month (but this is not what you'll pay)

Until we reach 100 members you can join as a FOUNDATION VIP MEMBER get access for

50% off the monthly subscription!



Lite Membership

  • Normally $88/month
  • FREE 7 Day Trial!
  • Closed Facebook Group
  • 1 x Masterclass - Streamable Only
  • 1 x Guest Masterclass - Streamable Only
  • Implementation Exercises
  • 1 x 90 Min Live Q&A/Mastermind Sessions with Therese & Rach
  • 2 x 90 Min Spirit Circles
  • Spark Session
  • Other Surprise Bonuses


Limited to 5

  • Normally $598/month
  • FREE 7 DAY TRIAL (Platinum Content Only Private Sessions Not Included)
  • ALL Platinum Membership inclusions PLUS
  • 1 x 30 Minute Session with Therese
  • 1 x 30 Minute Session with Rach
  • 1 x 60 Group Private Session

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the content for?

The content is only available for the active month, 30 days from the day your payment is made and only that content, then the next month you only have access to that months content.  This prompts you to actually use it in the month because you know you only have it for the 30 days unless you choose the Platinum membership and then you have 30 days to download it.

Why?  To make it easier to move through and implement, because it's too overwhelming to join a membership area with 6 - 12 months, or more, content, people get stuck or way behind and don't get the value out of it.  So we've made it easy, you only have to focus on the content for that month!

Once I become a member, will the membership go up?

No. The investment amount you sign up with is the price it will stay for as long as you remain a current member! So even when the investment goes up, it only goes up for new people joining the membership community! How cool is that?!?

Is there a minimum time I need to stay a member?

You can cancel at anytime!

However, if you choose to cancel your membership and later decide to come back because you miss the super supportive community and our awesomeness, yes you can start back where you left off in terms of the content BUT you will be paying the current investment price so if you are a VIP Platinum Foundation member paying $88 and jump out, come back 12 months later and it's $176 or even more at that time, that's what you'll pay.

Can I suspend my membership?

Yes!  You can suspend your membership if you know you won't be able to make use of it for some reason, for up to 3 months without losing your current membership rate.

If you need longer, we do that on a case by case basis only so you only need to contact us and tell us what's going on and we go from there.

Can I cancel my membership if it's not right for me?

You can cancel at anytime, there is no contract or minimum period of time you need to stay a member.  You will be paid up for the remainder of the 30 days and then lose access once that time is up.

We prefer to have people join us for as long as it feels right and works for them.  You can always return later if you miss us, you just need to know that you will then have to pay the membership rate that is going at that time.  So if you got in on the VIP Foundation rate of 50% off for life, and you rejoin once that's completed, you will pay the full rate, or more if it's increased over time.

How does the 7 day trial work?

When you sign up, you will input your payment details but you won't be charged until the 7 day trial is complete. 

In that time you will have access to "month 1" content, any live sessions that are scheduled for that time and our Facebook Group (which you just have to request access to).

Diamond member just won't be able to scheduled private sessions with us until the trial has ended but will have access to all of the content and community the same as Platinums.

We suggest you dive into the content because the trial content is only available for the duration of the trial, at the end of the 7 days, you get access to "Month 2" and so we've effectively fast tracked you through so you get a real sense of what kind of content is available to you.

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